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Model: Panel - $7 +

If you're building a tricked out brewery control panel for your RIMS/HERMS or Electric brew haus, class it up with precision cut vinyl labels. It includes enough variety for just about about any kind of control you build.  The letters are approximately 3/8" tall. Ships first class for 44 cents if this is all you order. NEW! - Design your own labels.


  • One strip of adhesive cut vinyl with back masking for easy application.

Install Requirements:

  • It is highly recommended that you view the Installation and Calibration Video on the Instructions Page. While it shows how I install numbers on a sight glass, the process of applying cut vinyl is the same.
  • The basic idea is to use a square to layout horizontal lines on your control panel where you want your letters to sit. Do the same on the masking of the lables. Cut the labels into strips, then into individual names like "Mash Temp". Dry fit them on the panel, watching for good centering. When you're happy, apply masking tape at one edge, fold it back using the tape as a hinge, remove backing from vinyl, fold back down and use a credit card to smooth out, remove masking.


You can select between the stock lettering shown below or design your own.

  • The stock lettering is exactly as shown in the image below and is available in either black or white vinyl.
  • When specifying custom lettering/numbering, select either black or white vinyl you want. BE CAREFUL!!! There's been some confusion about the color selection. After application, the only thing that is left on your control panel surface is vinyl letters in the color you select. There is no background color like a sticker. If you select white vinyl, you have white lettering on whatever surface you stick it to. Hint: if you have a white enclosure, use black vinyl and vice versa.


Using 3/8" tall text, you will be limited to 200 characters including spaces. For reference, the stock decals shown above is only ~200 characters so you should have enough to work with. After ordering, please use the contact link at the top of the site to send me the text you want included. If I don't hear from you, I'll attempt to email you at the address provided via Paypal. We can accomodate just about anything you want on your panel including logo graphics and even work out a template for hole cutting, but that's going to require a one-off quote and it will be more than a text-only cut.

Stock or Custom?
Vinyl Color

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