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While not all burner setups absolutely require a heat shield for sight glass kits or ball valves, they certainly can't hurt. If you've noticed the vinyl wraps on your ball valves bubbling or burning off, it's an indication that heat shielding any kettle accessories would be a good idea for their longevity. Testing has shown that this simple snap on shield can reduce the fitting temp by 100F. All shields are constructed of 100% stainless steel from the 22 gauge brushed plates to the clips. These are now spot welded together so we're streamlining the price at 10 bucks for any version you need.


Install Instructions:

Snap it on to the bottom of the fitting. Snap off if you want to clean it. Options are shown below. Please read the descriptions carefully because the differences are minimal but important for appropriate fit. Once you determine the correct model for your application, select it in the dropdown box near the "add to cart" button.


Model HS.SM

Small Sight Shield - 3" x 3" square shield. Snaps to the underside of the compact sight glass kits, including LK, LP, TK, TP, TKNT, and TPNT. It will also clip firmly to a 1/4" half coupling if you've welded it to your vessel as part of the SL kit.  Protects the sight tubing and thermometer if equipped.


The image shown is this shield attached to an LP kit. Sight glass not included, obviously right?


Model HS.SM.LC


Small Sight Shield - 3" x 3" square shield with LARGE clip. Snaps to larger diameter objects such as a 1/2" NPT coupling if you're using the SL kit with a welded in 1/2" coupling. This also works well on 1" wide square object that is part of a sight glass of a high end kettle.


Model HS.SM.T


Small Thermo Sheild - 3" x 3" square shield with Large clip to clip to 1/2" full or half coupling. This shield has a strategically placed 45 degree bend to clear the 3" face of a thermometer that is installed into a welded in coupling.


Do we have to mention that the thermometer is not included? Yes we do apparently. Ouch... geeeeeez. Ugh.




Weldless Thermo Sheild - 3" x 3" square shield with welded washer. This shield has a strategically placed 45 degree bend to clear the 3" face of a thermometer that is installed with weldless parts. Again, this version ONLY works with WLT325, WLT36 or competitor's weldless thermometer with 1/2" NPT threads.


Model HS.LG


Large Sight Shield - 3" x 5" rectangular shield. Snaps to the underside of the Large LTS kits including LTS, LTSK, and LTSP. It sticks out far enough to protect the 3" thermometer.


Be careful! Many customers mistakenly select this shield for their compact TK and TP kits because the picture shows a sight/thermo combo. THIS kit is for the large combo kits based on 3" dial thermometers and 1/2" NPT parts.  This kit will NOT fit the compact kits very well because the clip is too large to snap onto the smaller 1/4" NPT tee.


Model HS.LG.BV


Large Ball Valve Shield - 5" wide x 3" deep. Snaps to the underside of ball valves to keep the body and handle cool to the touch. These clip directly to several areas of 2-piece valves to accomodate either weldless or welded valve installs.

Please be aware that not all 3-PC ball valve castings are exactly the same. The ones we supply have a rounded off body between the bolts and the large clip is able to expand around it. The two bottom bolts must be temporarily removed before clipping the shield in place. Afterwards, install one bolt at a time. The second bolt will be tough to put back in as the clip will provide some resistence. Push the threaded end of the bolt towards the valve to line it up with the hole the best you can and tap the bolt in gently with a hammer. If you get your ball valves from another supplier, we have no idea if the shield will fit.










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+1 # Evan 2012-01-24 04:26
Very cool product!
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+3 # Aschecte 2012-02-01 12:55
I purchased the heat shield for the wlst240 smaller size sightglass kit due to a boiler over situation my system was creating making the sightglass overheat. I contacted Bobby for support and he literally got back to me in about 15 minutes. Bobby reccomended this heat shield, long story short I brewed with this shield for the first time over the weekend and what a huge difference not a single bubble developed in the sightglass and it kept the fitting markedly cooler than the rest of the system. Thanks for offering these shields Bobby they are definatlly a great product cheers !!!
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0 # Jesse 2012-04-12 13:50
Will the ball valve shield work ok with camlock disconnects, or will it be in the way?

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0 # Bobby 2012-04-12 16:12
Quoting Jesse:
Will the ball valve shield work ok with camlock disconnects, or will it be in the way?


Jesse, when used with a weldless bulkhead, the shield will stick out a bit past the end of the valve as shown in the picture above. This will not be a problem with the camlocks as long as the type B or D used on your tubing is not turned sideways. In other words, if the cam arms are on the left and right, nothing will hit the shield. When used on a welded coupling setup, the shield ends right at about the same place as the valve so it's a complete non issue. Good question!
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0 # Dwight 2013-10-08 01:49
These bad boys are simple, yet elegant. They perform exactly as one would expect and are surprisingly durable.
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